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Hello... Nice to see u here. This page is dedicated to all my friends. " I may not see u in person, I may not touch you nor hear your voice but still your special to me.

Whats inside? hmmm i wonder.........

Under this site you can see pictures lots of them. it includes my favorate toon characters and friend on IRC. hmmmm I wonder who's the cutest? (of course its my Queen). Visit them at my photo page. See you there!

Special Page: Dedicated to a special person. Find out how I know about her. Message her!

Photo/happinings: The fun begins! Meet my friends, places and styles.

Photo/faces: meet my friends in IRC. Know there nicks and wer to find them. :)
See me soon!!!

may 22: adding of pic to my photo/faces

thats all!!

mail our suggestion to:

What's new?
may 21: pic added for my photo/happinings
may 22: pic added for my photo/faces
may 24: new page added story
may 27: new page added my movies

hmmmm seems so familiar.... (thats my nokia 8850)

if you feel looking the sky.... think of me. sky my home..

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